progress – it’s Wednesday = hump day!!

22 10 2014

Screenshot 2014-10-22 07.29.52

Just below the 53Kg mark! I have made a real effort to eat real food. Lots of vegetables and protein. Avoiding food that comes in wrappers. It works for me. I’ll continue being as good as I can be to give me some wiggle room over this coming weekend. It’s going to be a relatively active weekend, mountain biking, running and ski-ing. Fingers crossed the weather is conducive to being in the outdoors.

I had an email informing me that there would be cake for us tomorrow morning tea time. I’ve decided I will avoid going into the staff workroom – I need to be keeping to my “real food” so I have wiggle room over the weekend. I’d much rather share a glass of wine with my girl-friends than eat cake with colleagues. Plus there is the feeling of control when you stay true to yourself made promise to yourself.

Staying slim!

20 10 2014

Gwen had this on her blog over the weekend and it really resonated with me.


I’m at my goal weight, or within a 1Kg range of what I’ve set as my lowest weight. Yet, I still monitor myself quite closely because every now and then I dabble with sugar. So when I saw this on Gwen’s blog the penny really dropped for me. It is a total “no brainer” that if you smoke you are at risk of lung cancer – that is a given. Now, I see the comparison between eating starches and sweets and trying to avoid getting fat – it’s impossible. You will get fat if you have starches and sugar.

It helps that I truly love my protein based meals – there is nothing more delicious than steamed asparagus, topped with avocado, salmon and a poached egg!! Pure heaven!!
Screenshot 2014-10-21 07.31.56

Avoiding starches is really easy for me – I’m not tempted at all. Sugar though really screws with my brain chemistry and the more I can programme myself to remember the implications of consuming it then I will likely 53 Kg will be my set point weight. I like being slimmer. I love that all my clothes fit.

Today’s weigh in: Screenshot 2014-10-21 07.47.21

Being held accountable!

18 10 2014


Today I dropped 0.5 lbs – great news as I’d had crept up over the week and for no good reason. I’d eaten just the usual and there was nothing out of the ordinary – no chocolate, no cakes, no bread. So a drop back to 117.5 lbs was good as I’d been down as low as 117.1 lbs earlier in the week.
Screenshot 2014-10-18 08.28.54

Today I did some baking to take away with us for next weekend. It’s full of sugar!! Just because I avoid eating sugar doesn’t mean everyone else chooses to avoid it, I get that. So I made ginger crunch which is a favourite of my husbands and the people we are staying with – I know they LOVE it as they took home a “doggie bag” when they visited us in Taupo and I had it there for desert. I was a fan myself but now I am programming my mind to see it for what it is – sugar packed which will cause a MASSIVE insulin response and there is no way my body can respond by any other means than to store it in the form of fat!! Plus, the sugar and flour will wreck havoc with my brain chemistry, it will be the precursor to cravings – it potentially will initiate a binge on all sorts of things. It’s just not worth it. It may look innocent but it is evil – I’ve already turned down a piece when my husband did the “quality control taste test”. Saying “No” was easy, I feel the power of control and I like that feeling.

While we are away I will have a few glasses of wine. I’ve not had much wine at all in fact I’ve poured more wine out and down the sink than I’ve drunk. I’ve had a glass here and there but no way near as much as I once would have consumed. When people come to visit, I’ve poured them a glass but I’ve ended up then having the bottle sit in my fridge for a week or more and hence ended up pouring it out. I am choosing to have a couple of glasses of wine next weekend over eating sugar packed food (yes, I know wine is packed with sugar). I will alternate my drinks between wine and soda water too so that I don’t over do it.

Today, I bought a new wet suit, it fits like a glove – another good reason to stay accountable!

So in the process of being accountable – I’ve declared that I have ginger crunch in my possession and I have declared that I’m not eating it. I am in control.


17 10 2014


It is perfect timing. I’ve had my first week back at work and the scales this week have been unkind to me. I’ve been eating clean but I’ve gained a few 100 grams each day and I was not expecting it as I’ve been eating really well. But the crazy festival season is looming upon us at full speed and there is no way I want to de-rail so stepping up onto the scales is my way of being accountable and keeping it all in balance.

This morning I was 118 lbs which was unexpected, given earlier in the week I was 117.1 lbs.
Screenshot 2014-10-17 09.56.00

I know its less than 1 lb but that is why I weigh daily to monitor these fluctuations and not let it snowball. I’m going to keep my eyes on portion sizes and be extra vigilant for sugar. I’ve eaten no grains AT ALL!! My skinny minny pants (yep that is what the label on them was) feel great though!

Next weekend we will be socialising with friends and I will indulge in a glass of wine or two as we all deserve a treat now and then but I want to be extra vigilant during the week to minimise the impact of the treats.

Back to routine

14 10 2014

I was down to 117.1 lbs which is 53.1Kg – all good :-)

Screenshot 2014-10-14 20.52.59

I’m back to my standard routine now that Term 4 has kicked off. Where has this year gone?

Routine is good, I have renewed my vowel to stay out of the communal biscuit barrel and lollie jar – they are evil! I find that if I stay out of them for the first few days then I can stay out of them for the whole term. Once I’ve clocked up a few days of keeping out of those Jars then it gets easier and easier to stay out of them because I just don’t want to break my running record of how many days have passed since I last broke my self imposed rule. I once found it so incredibly difficult to refrain eating the biscuits & lollies but I have a strategy that works (it’s a bit childish, but it works).

On Monday my faculty leader bought in a lovely looking cake she had made. It looked great but since I had set the rule that I would NOT eat any of the shared sweet treats and given my history of a “taste” more often than not ending in a binge I managed to abstain completely from even having a taste = I figured that was the perfect way to start the new term – so pleased with myself!

Likewise with the shared morning teas that I HAVE to host for my little tutor group. I’ve managed to completely abstain from actually consuming anything twice. They are young kids and sharing sweet treats once every 10 weeks for morning tea is something they enjoy and look forward to and I am NOT going to suggest they “modify” their shared morning tea parties, but it feels good to host it and not take part.

In the weekend that has just passed we had brunch out at a cafe on the Sunday. I ordered the usual poached eggs with salmon and spinach. It was a bit average to be honest. It was a bit cold and served on muffins which I didn’t bother with, just put to the side of my plate. There are so many nice cafe’s in Auckland, we won’t bother going back to that one again. It did keep me feeling full for most of the day.

Looking forward this week is pretty routine and there is no reason I will go off track this coming weekend. So I am keeping to the straight and narrow and looking forward to a lovely glass of wine and some cheese the following weekend as it is a bank holiday and we will be socialising with friends, but it will be controlled. Cheese = yes but I will stay away from sugar and grains. More about that next week.

ticking along

10 10 2014

Screenshot 2014-10-10 14.09.37I wasn’t going to write a post today as I figured I had nothing to say. When I stepped onto the scales this morning it was the same number/read out as yesterday. Which is fine, I ate well yesterday and totally owned my goal of hitting 15,000 steps. In fact it was over 21,000!! I was feeling trimmer too so to see the number stay the same was a bit surprising but it honestly doesn’t affect me. It’s when I know I’ve gone off the rails and I step up to own my evil that I feel disappointment. Disappointment with myself for such poor behaviour, that’s when the scales affect my mood as it is a reflection of my poor choices.

Today I received a fantastic email when I woke up:
Screenshot 2014-10-10 07.43.11
Yeah, it’s on its way and I should have it on Monday!!

One of the reasons I am looking forward to getting the iPhone6 is that my Fitbit will sync direct to the phone. Currently I have a little dongle on my laptop so it syncs whenever I have my laptop on and within range but now I can check my phone at anytime to get an update – I’m a gadget geek and love data!!

Today I had to power-walk my two laps of the park because a Tradesman was coming around to inspect and quote on some work we are getting done and I wanted to get my walk in before he arrived as there is nothing worse than sitting around for someone who is in turn running late and you’re thinking but I’ve not got my walk in. A bonus, it is starting to feel like summer is on the way – I had worn a jacket and had to take it off which is very unusual for me. I had also forgotten my sunglasses and definitely could have done with them.

Fridays are typically my downfall day but given I’m not at work there is no risk a colleague bringing in sweet treats. My husband has left a huge bag of corn chips open in the pantry and when he opened them a had a couple but that seemed to be enough to satisfy me and I don’t feel the urge to go eat them. I’m ticking along just nicely without any cravings or desires which is such a nice feeling. Last night after dinner my husband ate a chocolate bar (he likes sweet treats) and I really had no feeling of missing out – NSV!!

I’m on a roll!

9 10 2014

Screenshot 2014-10-09 07.53.16

Once I am back on the straight and narrow eating wise (ie. I stop “picking” and “tasting” little tit-bits containing sugar) my weight drops gradually. When I do cheat on myself it takes about 3 days for my body to get back to normal before it will start losing.

Yesterday I didn’t hit all my goals, I was about 400 steps short of reaching the 15,000 target I had set for myself. I didn’t hit the water target either and I succumb to some sugar-free gum – I sometimes get the most horrid taste in my mouth and it’s not the metallic ketosis so I had gum to get over that taste. In hindsight I should have tried brushing my teeth and or liquorice tea. But today is a new day and another chance to improve on reaching my goals.

The weather is looking very dodgy with rain being very likely but I’ll head out for my morning walk and then I intend to go shopping for some shoes and I’ll pop into work and pick up a couple of exam papers which were completed late and need to be marked before classes begin again on Monday.

Foodwise its fairly routine: a good helping of steamed veges and grilled chicken for lunch and something similar for dinner. Nothing ground breaking but my body responds well to it.


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