Slow & Steady

11 09 2014

My vigilance is paying off. Down to 119lbs this morning – good feeling to be back below the 20’s.
Screenshot 2014-09-11 07.53.44

Healthy eating is so much easier when you are busy and not facing temptations. One of the reasons I “slip” is due to boredom. I would think that is relatively common. Eating is a very enjoyable activity, it is the consequences of eating due to boredom that I don’t like. So at the moment being busy at work and having plenty of chores at home is definitely helping me avoid boredom eating. The second reason I “slip” is when I am faced with temptations. I have great control when grocery shopping, only buying what is on my list. My pantry is void of any sugary based food and so is my fridge. But every now and then I come face-to-face with sugary-based food at work with well meaning colleagues bring in “treats” to share. This is my biggest pitfall – I have learned from multiple experiences that I must not “have a small taste”. My brain chemistry will over-ride my good intentions and it will leave me craving more and usually succumbing to an over-indulgence in sugary food.

I have 2lbs to go before I am back at my happy weight…. I know it’s just a number, but it is where I like to be mentally. My clothes fit well, my rings are loose, I like to see my collar bones.

My pearls of wisdom for the day.

My pearls of wisdom for the day.

Nothing like success to keep you motivated!

9 09 2014

Back on track and I feel so much better. It helped that I saw a nice little loss to keep me motivated.

Screenshot 2014-09-09 07.42.13

I did well yesterday. A colleague bought in chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies and toffee at lunchtime and I didn’t even need to self-talk myself into not having one. There was no desire – NSV!! After dinner my husband opened a bag of chocolate pebbles and offered me some, again no desire, no thanks I said. And the reward for saying no thanks twice yesterday was down 600g – THANK YOU!!!

There is nothing on the radar to derail me this week (touch wood). I have this under control. Don’t get me wrong, I know there will be times when I will struggle, but I am learning that it is a complicated biochemical addiction – eating sugar. The less sugar that I eat though, the less I need to fight the urge. If I stick to my planned meals the less likely I am to make a poor decision.

The best thing about making good decisions is the positive feeling. Positive vibes = happiness!!

I own my evil!

8 09 2014

I said I would weigh in on Monday morning:
Screenshot 2014-09-08 07.35.17
It was a social weekend and I had a couple of glasses of wine and some snacks which are all part of special social occasions. But now it is Monday and I am back to routine and back to my normal and with vigilance I will get rid of those pesky three pounds before it becomes 3Kg or 5Kg!! I’ve owned up. I had a great weekend and as a result went up a little but that is life. I made some good choices such as limiting myself to just two and a half glasses of wine over the whole weekend. I didn’t eat any of the chocolate on Saturday night. I didn’t have any pebbles or grain waves when we were driving home and I didn’t have a ice cream on Sunday afternoon which I probably would have had if I wasn’t so in tune with my body as I am now.

I’m determined, I’m focused and I know I can get the little bit of extra weight off. This morning I ran around the park with my dog instead of just walking her in the streets. It is getting lighter in the mornings and day-light savings is only 3 weeks away.

We’ve I’ve decided that we will stay home this coming weekend, I have exam papers to mark and quite a bit of house work to catch up on and the following weekend is going to be cut short as I am in Sydney for Friday and will spend my Saturday morning getting back home and I need to get the last of my exam papers marked so I decided I’d rather not go away again travelling 4 hours each way this weekend.

So that is where I am at!

I’m also very much looking forward to the release of the new iPhone. I didn’t upgrade to the iPhone5 so I’ve decided I will get a new one this time which I’m really looking forward to as my fitbit will sync direct to my phone… I love gadgets!!

Vigilance needed!

5 09 2014

My eating has returned to my normal with plenty of vegetables and protein but it is not dropping quite as fast so I head into the weekend still about 3 lbs up.

Screenshot 2014-09-05 14.10.33

I am heading out to dinner tonight and will be mindful of my portion sizes and limit myself to one glass of wine. Then we are away to stay with friends for Saturday and I will just have soda water and no alcohol because I really don’t want to gain any more than the 3 lbs. I don’t know what food will be on offer so I will take a few safe snacks with me just in case I need them.

NSV – there was a lovely carrot cake bought in for morning tea and I did a complete turn and headed back to my desk when I saw it. I wasn’t tempted to have any when I saw it but I didn’t want to risk having my mind change as I saw everyone else eating it. I’m usually very social and like to chit chat but today it was not worth the risk as I knew I would be eating out tonight. There was still half the cake remaining when I went to have lunch but luckily I still felt no desire to have any and didn’t even take a smidgen of the icing which I would normally do. Woo Hoo – this is a great feeling. No guilt. No regret!! This is a great way to start the weekend.

I am definitely developing good habits. The other NSV was when I handed some students chocolate bars as rewards. I have a box of Whittakers chocolate bars and while letting the kids take one I felt no need to have one at all. I simply put the box back on the shelf.

I WILL weigh in on Monday. I will own my evil. I will be accountable. While I am going to be vigilant, I have already said I will have one glass of wine so it is unlikely I will see any more losses as I need to be very good to get a loss these days.

Focus, Determination!

3 09 2014

Holy, moly!!

Screenshot 2014-09-03 08.01.38
The weekend just been was a once a year family get together and so I ate things I don’t normally eat. That is not an excuse, it is what happened. Often when people socialise together there will be snack type food and alcoholic drinks. I choose to eat more of the snacks than I should have, and I drunk more wine than I should have. But I will now rectify the damage I did. I won’t let it compound.

The weekend has been and gone and now it is time to go back to my “normal”. I am glad I stepped on the scales and saw the damage. I struggle to step on the scales when I know I’ve deviated from my normal and I tend to mentally tell myself that if I give myself a few days before owning up to my evil that I won’t see the temporary water/salt retention weight. But if I am really honest I tend to be quite lax about getting back on the straight and narrow if I don’t own my evil. When I do see the damage I seem to be more focussed and determined. It’s so important I rein in this damage now, because throughout the month of September we are going away each weekend staying with friends and socialising! There is such a high risk of having the splurges spiral out of control. It is far easier to be more vigilant now and get rid of the extra 3 lbs before it becomes more.

So that is where I am at, up 3 lbs!

Challenge on!

12 08 2014

Gwen at The Sunny Coconut has set a challenge to identify 3 mortal enemies and eradicate them.

I have accepted the challenge. My mortal enemies are:

#1. Biscuits – particularly the ones that are “free” like at morning tea where I work.
#2. Sweets/lollies – there is a lady who has them on her desk and I occasionally take one on my way out as I’m heading home.
#3. FREE food – when the next cake or cupcakes, are bought in for a morning shout. It’s completely off limits. It always ends in regret!!

I am pretty good otherwise with my food at home as I simply don’t buy food not on my plan, or if I do buy for example bread & buns for my husband they just aren’t something I eat, I’ve got my brain trained in that sense.

My problem area is *FREE* food. If I had the option to buy the slice of cake I just wouldn’t, but when it is on offer at no cost I don’t seem to have the same self control.

My problem area is sugar if I look at my three mortal enemies! Grains I’ve kicked to the curb without a problem and I am honest about that : no rice, no pasta, no bread. It’s the sugar that is my heroin!!

Challenge on!!

Weigh in for this week:

Screenshot 2014-08-09 08.53.08


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