Challenge on!

12 08 2014

Gwen at The Sunny Coconut has set a challenge to identify 3 mortal enemies and eradicate them.

I have accepted the challenge. My mortal enemies are:

#1. Biscuits – particularly the ones that are “free” like at morning tea where I work.
#2. Sweets/lollies – there is a lady who has them on her desk and I occasionally take one on my way out as I’m heading home.
#3. FREE food – when the next cake or cupcakes, are bought in for a morning shout. It’s completely off limits. It always ends in regret!!

I am pretty good otherwise with my food at home as I simply don’t buy food not on my plan, or if I do buy for example bread & buns for my husband they just aren’t something I eat, I’ve got my brain trained in that sense.

My problem area is *FREE* food. If I had the option to buy the slice of cake I just wouldn’t, but when it is on offer at no cost I don’t seem to have the same self control.

My problem area is sugar if I look at my three mortal enemies! Grains I’ve kicked to the curb without a problem and I am honest about that : no rice, no pasta, no bread. It’s the sugar that is my heroin!!

Challenge on!!

Weigh in for this week:

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