Hump day

12 11 2014

Screenshot 2014-11-12 07.24.00

No change, STS, but it’s nice seeing this number again – I’m content. Although maintenance mode does bring about it’s own set of challenges – it’s not easy!!

At the moment I am spending a lot of time seated at my desk, marking, doing admin stuff on my computer and not having the same level of interaction with students as they are now doing their external exams. Yesterday was a perfect example of the new challenges I face. I had been on track and it had all been rather routine. But after I had eaten my lunch and gone back to my desk to work my mind began to wander…. what could I nibble on?? what little snack could I get my hands on?? I wasn’t hungry, I’d just eaten lunch. I was bored, I was starting to get a little tired. The perfect solution would have been to go for a walk but I had an afternoon meeting so had to stay for that. Fortunately I talked myself out of eating any biscuits that are in the communal biscuit jar and I didn’t venture to the lollie jar. Instead I had a little taste of a cashew nut/date trail bake that a colleague had bought in (but it was a soft gloopy disaster), I had a small amount of mixed nuts and a teaspoon of peanut butter.

If the same thing happens this afternoon, I will have a cup of my liquorice tea and I can leave once I’ve taught my last class and take the dog out to the park – a much more sensible idea.


A small gain to keep me focussed!

10 11 2014

MONDAY, 11th November UPDATE

Sunday I ate well, walked twice, got a heap of house work done, washing all up to date, and washed my car.  I made a bacon and egg pie for my husband and had two very small “tastes” but for dinner I had steamed vegetables and chicken rather than the bacon & egg pie. So Monday morning when I stepped on the scales and saw the read-out was 116.2 lbs. I was like “Woo Hoo”…. but I didn’t feel lighter so I re-weighed and it was 117.2 lbs – BOO!!! Re-weighed again: 117.2 lbs. Oh well, it is what it is… would have been nice to get that loss but instead it’s was a wee gain.

Screenshot 2014-11-10 07.58.03

Monday morning I wore my new pink ice-breaker dress – I thought I looked great (if I do say so myself)!


TUESDAY, 12th November UPDATE

Given yesterday’s wee gain, I kept reasonably vigilant and ate my routine week day menu. I did drink quite a bit of soda water in the afternoon and I suspect that has some salts in it which could cause water retention. I only ran the dog in the morning, I was still in house-keeping mode when I got home from work so instead of taking the dog for her second walk I decided to mop the floors etc.

Screenshot 2014-11-11 07.26.23

This morning the read out was 116.3 lbs. I re-weighed to check and yep it said 116.3 lbs again!  So I’m feeling fabulous!!

Yesterday I was on the 6 o’clock news – well there was a glimpse of me and I’m not embarrassed, my mother in law recognised it was me and one of friends messaged me on FB to tell me she saw me too – my fingers looked lean and not the usually porkie little things they can appear like when I was 10 Kg heavier. There wasn’t a full body shot, but I am feeling like a million dollars at the moment – If only I could bottle this feeling!! It so nice to reap the benefits avoiding sugary crap and grains.




Bad Habits and goals for this week

9 11 2014

Stepped up:

Screenshot 2014-11-09 07.29.30

I ate reasonably well yesterday. I had sugar-free chewing gum while driving and an extra serving of steamed vegetables when I got home from getting my hair cut, I had had a salad (cold) at lunch which didn’t seem as filling, so to get me through to dinner rather than have a snack which would have been chips, crackers or the like in the old days I steamed up some vegetables. I had one square of Lindt Dark Chilli Chocolate too, it was just one square that was it.

My Bad Habits are:

  • Procrastination – I waste time like you wouldn’t believe. I’m working on improving this area of my life. I make lists of things I want to achieve/get done and make those a priority over sitting down and surfing the internet as that is my biggest time waster.
  • Sugar-free gum – it’s my crutch. There are times when I am not hungry but want a taste of something and I’ve been chewing gum. It’s not healthy. It doesn’t seem to effect me but I know it contains artificial sweeteners which means I really need to limit it to cut the exposure to artificial sweeteners.
  • Coke zero – see above. It is the exposure to artificial sweeteners.

My Targets for this week:

  • Water – keep working on increasing my water intake. It helps make your skin and eyes glow.
  • Walk – hopefully the weather is warmer so I can get my shorts on for a change and get some sun.
  • Stick to routine eating – Grains are not a problem, it’s avoiding the sugar that I need to be vigilant about. But the cupboards at home are void of any sugary treats and I threw out the ice-cream, chocolate sauce and marshmallows last week so there is no repeat of that.
  • Make a to do list and turn off the internet which is pretty hard given that I sit at a computer all day long and have my iPhone! but I want to be productive for the next two weeks because from the 20th November to the 18th December I have a major commitment which is going to require my every waking hour. I can’t elaborate but my writing here will dry up for that month. I will be weighing daily as that only takes 10 seconds but I won’t be blogging as I will not turn my computer on those days unless it is required for work only.

Challenges ahead:

Next weekend we are heading away and staying with friends. I am not baking anything to take this time, I just won’t have time. We will spend most of our time with the boat but I think it will be too cold for me to  ski. I will put my wet suit in but I’ll see how cold the water is. I will put my bikini in too as I will jump in the spa!  Then the following Monday night we have a concert to attend so there will be a glass of wine there but that is something to look forward to and an incentive to keep on track as one or two glasses of wine is not a problem providing 90% of the time I’ve been on track.

Ah, the weekend!

8 11 2014

Weighed in at the exact same weight this morning:
Screenshot 2014-11-08 16.44.48

I’ve had such a busy day – started with two laps of the dog park, went and had my hair cut & eyebrows waxed got some Christmas hamper shopping done – I’m helping to put together a big Christmas hamper for a family who would otherwise not have Christmas, which is quite ironic as I do not celebrate Christmas myself, at all!! Did a few groceries but not a full shop and now it’s time to take the dog for another walk!

Just a pretty standard Saturday.

Honesty and That fickle scale

7 11 2014

This week I have been eating really well, but the scale has been rather fickle, going in the opposite direction. It’s was just small little gains, nothing serious, certainly nothing to get upset about.

Now to own up and be HONEST: Yesterday was going well, just normal old routine… until I get faced with an Oreo ball, chocolate sauce, ice cream and marshmallows. I was weak, I was caught off-guard in a moment of weakness, I indulged. I made a conscious decision to break my rules – I did it on the proviso that I would still step on the scales as usual and face the consequences of these actions. There was a little voice in my head that said: “go ahead, go against your better judgement BUT the deal is YOU MUST OWN YOUR EVIL in the morning”.

I knew I was making a poor decision – self sabotage – I’m not perfect. But what I am proud of is after I indulged in this sugary crap is I threw away all the remaining ice cream, I threw away the left over chocolate sauce and the remaining marshmallows too. This moment of weakness would never have happened if I had not had such easy access to these sugary foods.

The indulging didn’t stop there either. Hey, I’m being honest and this is MY PERSONAL DIARY (which I choose to have open for the world to read). So as I was leaving work I had two small liquorice allsort sweets and then once home I found the last two pieces of ginger crunch and was going to put them in the bin but then chose to eat them as I had already “screwed up”. It stopped there.

I have improved, previously I’ve really gone off track and made a whole evening of binge eating. While it might seem like this was a binge, it wasn’t as the portion I had was modest, controlled and just a acceptable serving size, It wasn’t a whole tub of ice-cream.

So this morning, I felt fine, I didn’t feel bloated or puffy. I stepped up ready to OWN MY EVIL:
Screenshot 2014-11-07 07.41.22

I’m down to 116.9lbs. I re-weighed to check and again, yep.. down almost a pound to 116.9lbs. I will take it!!!

I’ve had my indulgence and I am so back on the straight and narrow. I suspect there could be a gain tomorrow… who knows… I will weigh every morning just like normal and track the damage but I won’t repeat the behaviour.

Today there were two massive boxes of chocolates open in our workroom where we have lunch. Today I ate lunch else where. I have closed that can of worms. I am not feeding the sugar demon that lurks within me today! I am really proud of myself that I have drawn a line and not slipped up today too.

Those who like to psycho-analyse will try to work out what triggered this slip up… I know it is connected to feelings of deprivation. I had been so good and wasn’t getting reward by the scales and in the heat of the moment of weakness I slipped. But I’m not going back to my old ways. I love being slimmer and how I look now, I love going to my wardrobe knowing I can wear ANYTHING, I love not thinking about whether my tummy is bulging, I am happy, life is pretty good. Why would I give this up?

This weekend I’m going to be totally on track!!

Staying “über” focussed!

6 11 2014

A small unexplained gain…
Screenshot 2014-11-06 07.37.21

This little gain was unexpected. But as I got up this morning before weighing I didn’t feel like I would have a loss and my tummy area looked a little bloated this morning, a little more than normal. But I can’t put my finger on any real reason for going up .6 lbs. Yesterday I did have 2.5 litres of water over the duration of the day, I exercised twice (am & pm run/walks), I ate my usual fare. But 0.2 grams is nothing to lose any sleep over. It’s all part of building the big picture. There is nothing in the next 9 days to derail me.

Persistance will pay off! I know it will!!

5 11 2014

Screenshot 2014-11-05 09.13.59

I was a little surprised to see the same number this morning. I normally have hollandaise on my vegetables – yeah, its full of fat but it doesn’t cause me to gain weight, it seems not having it doesn’t help me loose weight either! I ate really well yesterday although I didn’t have my full water quota. Any way, it is just a number and it helps build a big picture…

Today I forgot my lunch, I had left it in the fridge, so I had to drive back home and collect it which meant I had more time in the car this morning so sunk nearly 1.25 Litres which is such a good way to start my day. That makes me happy!!

Now here is a little secret: I had put a side a piece of chocolate brownie at the weekend, in a small tupperware container. I knew I didn’t want to eat any over the weekend but I didn’t like the thought of missing out either. So I put a piece aside. This morning I was thinking about whether I would have it and I decided for the short moment of pleasure (I am a recovering sugar addict I get pleasure from eating sugary treats) and the resulting regret it just didn’t make sense for me to eat it. So I wrapped it up in cling film and put it in my husbands lunch box while he was brushing his teeth and getting ready for work so that he will have a nice surprise when he goes to eat his lunch. He adores chocolate brownie. I think that was a very smart move and a sign of my commitment to be sugar free.


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